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About Us​

1×2 Pro has a big dream: It wants to shake up the world of sports betting and do so in a way that’s revolutionary. The big idea they’re putting all their chips on is artificial intelligence. 

They believe that AI will upend everything that’s come before and become the new world order for sports bettors. 

That’s a bold mission. And it’s a lofty one. But as 1×2 Pro sees it, someone has to dream big if they’re serious about changing the game.


Sports Betting Ai Chatbot Proximo
1x2 Pro Sports Betting Ai Chatbot

Our Mission

At 1×2 Proximo AI, our mission is to revolutionize the sports betting industry by providing bettors with the most precise, data-driven insights and predictions.

We aim to empower both novice and experienced bettors with advanced tools, real-time data, and expert analysis to make informed and successful betting decisions.

Our commitment is to foster a transparent, ethical, and innovative betting environment that enhances the overall betting experience and maximizes our users’ potential for success.

Why Choose Proximo AI

1×2 Proximo AI is the best thing to happen to sports betting since the toss-up. It uses a huge range of data—both sports-specific and real world—to make truly advanced predictions. 

There’s no picking a “gut feeling” winner;

 Proximo is advanced sports number-crunching taken to its logical extreme. “Obviously, there are a lot of inefficiencies in sports betting; it’s an ‘inexact science.’ 

By trying to find patterns in the past performance of teams—and then to see if those patterns might forecast future performances—we make our best bet.”


Sports Betting Ai Bot Proximo

Elevate Your Betting Strategy with Bet Pro AI Chatbot Proximo​

Crafting bespoke suggestions takes more than just a rudimentary understanding of a user’s circumstances, but Proximo is learning constantly.​

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